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Jacksonville's AutoScrubber Headquarters

Autoscrubbers are a substantial investment so it is imperative you invest in the autoscrubber which will meet your facility's needs.  Whether you require a ride-on, large volume walk-behind or small, compact autoscrubber, we have the right machine for your needs.

Autoscrubbers are the logical answer for large-volume floor cleaning challenges.  Ride-on autoscrubbers  are perfect for cleaning large areas.  Some models can scrub up to 30,000 square feet per hour.

Walk-behind autoscrubbers are great for smaller areas.  And, new smaller, compact models, practically make mopping obsolete with 15-inch or 17-inch models quickly and effectively clean smaller area floors and tight areas.

What are some of the most popular features of today’s Autoscrubbers?

Ergonomic Controls:
Controls on autoscrubbers are now much easier to access and operate.   Many models have electronic screens to logically guide users through all the control options and illuminate in-use features  such as speed settings, battery life and automatic battery watering.

Foam Scrubbing Systems:
These systems use less water and less detergent. They also leave floors virtually dry and residue-free.  Some systems also eliminate the need to mix chemicals because a detergent cartridge automatically dispenses the cleaning solution.

Enhanced Battery Life:
Some autoscrubber models offer long-running battery power to extend cleaning time between charging.

Autoscrubber Training Videos: One of our most popular manufacturers, Tennant, offers a library of training videos.  These videos cover all the important points of running particular walk-behind and ride-on autoscrubber models.  These videos also demonstrate the various models which are available.

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